By way of explanation…Lorraine Herman.

By way of explanation for the lapse in postings here’s a small treasure by long careered Ontario potters, Lorraine and Jack Herman.

Lorraine Herman -- Stoneware plate

Lorraine Herman — Stoneware plate

The accompanying fresh asparagus — Mary Washington — comes from the thirty or so feet that I planted last year.  When you love home-grown produce, early Spring just disappears into all manner of garden work and preparation, along with a generalized shortened attention to other matters….

Some quick comments. Pottery for the table is a lot about plating — a term used in the restaurant business to describe formal food presentation — and a good potter knows about appealing to the eye in similar fashion to a chef’s way of thinking. That parallel makes this plate or dish a favourite of mine.

I like the bowl depth and the intermediate size diameter (it’s 8 3/4″); its slightly footed base and Lorraine’s accomplished brushwork. The glazing is quite a subtle palette of olive green, light and dark brown with a putty ground.

Lorraine Herman -  stoneware plate

Lorraine Herman – stoneware plate

I particularly admire how the colours and design pull with the form — dark around the bowl edge then broken up with radiating light-burst arms.

There’s a good sense of decorative animation with the off placed tail feathers and the fading brush strokes that sparsely outline the bird’s thrush like form. Just a beautiful country potter styled aesthetic,  well reflective of their beloved Kleinburg studio.







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