bad pottery — worth learning from

strawberry teapot

strawberry teapot

This collection up in Toronto’s Junction is part of Design Off Site a counter balance show to the gigantic Interior Design Show – IDS at the City’s downtown convention Centre.

The Collection like Design Off Site itself is just a punch-in-the-nose to the monied effort of TO design houses and corporate swilling that takes over TO in mid-winter.

Bad pottery –a  collection — is also a breath of fresh air and a show after my own heart. There’s nothing quite like this more than tongue in cheek razz of Toronto’s ticker-tape and hipster heart. I didn’t see much else of the Junction’s offerings — Mjolk and SMASH were filled to the gills with party goers — so it was an evening caught up in some of the best of the worst in this curated show by Phillipa Croft and Amanda Rataj at Phillipa C. Photography a much smaller and studio space down the road from the night’s drinkers.

Not a large show — you can beat it out of there in 2 minutes — but if you like pottery and like to talk about it, drop in and take look. Feel free to pick up the pieces. That’s what pottery is all about any way. And if you drop one — well I am sure there is another in the back.

They’re not exactly Fine ART nor perhaps even vernacular or folk art. I debated whether the show should have been called ugly pottery or perhaps WTF pottery. No admission charge. No pieces for sale — unless you can twist the two curators arms. No labels. No artist statements. No write ups. No pedestals. Some stuff is on the floor window sill.

Just a good old-fashioned take-the-mickey-out-of-you nicely curated show with a leave-the-Goodwill-grease-pencil-marks-on-them attitude. A show not without some insights if you want to think about them: pottery as a part of social class, the ideology of Art in leisure and schooling; the hows and whats of technique, what we mean about style and of course taste.

Where: phillipa c. photography — 3063 dundas street west

Hrs: check ahead – should be on for a week January 20th – 25th

For More pics Head Here:








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