Lotte Bostlund – tankard

Lotte Bostlund (1919 – 1999), Ontario, Oakridges studio, porcelain stoneware tankard, 4 1/2″ h. incised Compliments of Danfoss; a commission for Danfoss (Danish HVAC control manufacturer) with post-war branch in Toronto
$65.00 each



  1. Mur Bostlund · · Reply

    Wow! Where did you get this great detail of information. Just showed the photos to my husband, Ole Bostlund. You had info. we had forgotten about!

  2. Hi Mur: Thank you for the email — it so nice hear from another Bostlund. You can tell I am a great fan of this line work and research is a pleasure to do. The internet helps once you understand that each immigrant community’s experience is much the same as the Bostlunds. It starts with family for first work and support; then reaches out to other newcomers; then to the established communities of church, clubs and businesses. I wouldn’t doubt that Danfoss as one of more prominent Danish businesses — I think it started pre-war — would have been keen and delighted to work with Lotte and Gunnar. Duncan Farnan

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