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Removing grease pencil marks

on pottery — Sometimes — perhaps often — we collectors and dealers come across grease pencil marks on our studio pieces. This is the simplest method I have come across for removing them — WD 40. Doesn’t always give perfect results particularly on stoneware due to that clay’s coarseness but enough to erase the marking […]

bad pottery — worth learning from

This collection up in Toronto’s Junction is part of Design Off Site a counter balance show to the gigantic Interior Design Show – IDS at the City’s downtown convention Centre. The Collection like Design Off Site itself is just a punch-in-the-nose to the monied effort of TO design houses and corporate swilling that takes over […]

Starting out — a mug’s game

When I started collecting and dealing (and picking) I was frequently reminded about the sheer volume of pottery and ceramics that was being discarded and resold.  Something that hasn’t changed much over thousands of years. This is only one aisle of a thrift store and only one object — the simple western mug — to […]